Want a new look for the kitchen or bath but don’t have the budget for a full remodel? There are a few simple projects most homeowners can do on their own to give their kitchens or bathrooms a fresh look.


  • Replace the Faucets — Upgrading the kitchen faucet is an easy task that many can tackle with the right tools. A new faucet can give your kitchen a facelift, but consider matching the faucet finish to the cabinet fixtures to stay unified.
  • Update the Sink — Don’t underestimate the change a new sinkcan bring to your kitchen. Sink models vary in material, cost, installation and style. Choose an undermount or top mount model, or invest in that deep farmhouse sink you’ve always wanted. Each option can alter the look of your kitchen in a different way.
  • Replace the Dishwasher — New appliances are not only more efficient, they can also change the appearance of a kitchen. While a new dishwasher can be pricey, it’s one of the more affordable kitchen appliances to replace. This is an advanced project for the DIYer though, so you may want to consult a professional.


  • Splurge on a New Showerhead — Bathroom upgrades may not be the most visible changes in the house, but they are the most personal and often the most used. The installation of a new showerhead is a quick and easy job for the average homeowner.
  • Choose a New Sink — Just like in the kitchen, a new sink can add a fresh look to a bathroom. From basic pedestal sinks to a vintage dresser vanity, you can add style and functionality with a simple sink replacement.
  • Update the Toilet — It might not be the flashiest of upgrades, but a new toilet is a great way to subtly add style to a bathroom. The trick is to choose the right model.